Boston Managed Investments Limited (ACN 165 345 675) (AFSL 469808)
Boston Income Fund

The Boston Income Fund (“The Fund”) is a continuation of key industry research and a successful investment strategy, implemented by the Boston Group over the past five (5) years. By selectively building a portfolio of high yielding, income producing assets the fund aims to deliver a balanced approach to risk management whilst delivering the commensurate level of return. As a freshly established fund, the Boston Income Fund carries no impaired assets arising from the previous dislocation in credit and financial markets, and has been established to take advantage of the expected normalisation of credit markets in the coming period.

By researching and monitoring the development of funding structures amongst domestic and foreign Financial Institutions in the post Global Financial Crisis (GFC) period, the team behind The Fund developed an investment strategy which is characterised by targeting investments at the senior-subordinated level in non-bank commercial lending platforms, primarily through trust structures that allow for capital recycling by way of securitisation. In many circumstances, the investors traditionally found in this space are no longer active which allows The Fund to become a key participant in these niche funding platforms.

The Fund provides both professional and institutional investors with access to a professionally managed portfolio of high yield income producing assets. The Fund will invest primarily in subordinated debt facilities and is targeting a level of risk commensurate with senior-subordinated participation, however the fund will not use or rely on leverage to obtain returns within its investment program.

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Fund Snapshot
Fund Boston Income Fund
Trustee BMIL Nominees Pty Ltd
Manager Boston Managed Investments Limited
Investor Type Wholesale/Sophisticated/Institutional
Status Closed to new applications
Inception 1/11/2013
Minimum Investment $50,000.00
Unit Value $1.00
Last quarter (March 2018) return after fees 10.2088% (annualised)
Benchmark BBSW30 (currently 1.71%) + 3.50% (350 Basis Points) per annum
Coupon Payments Paid quarterly in arrears for quarters ending March, June, September and December
DRP Available? Yes
Fund Return Profile High
Income Return Risk Medium
Capital Risk Low