Boston Managed Investments Limited (ACN 165 345 675) (AFSL 469808)
Think Tank Special Situations

Think Tank Special Situations (TTSS), as its name suggests, is able to accommodate “special situations” due to the experience of the managers in accessing the financial benefits of the TTSS investment to the recipient party of the investment. TTSS will only invest in a structure that has clear transparency around the transaction vehicle. TTSS major advantage in the market is its ability to take relatively small individual financial positions (between $50,000 – $3 million). In contrast, the ability of traditional investment banks or funds to invest at these levels, on a cost effective basis, is heavily restricted.

Stakeholder Alignment

When making its investments, and again with clear reference to the transparency of the recipient parties financial benefit of receiving those funds, TTSS is able to clearly identify the alignment of the various stakeholders in all of its investments.

TTSS believes that the type of investment philosophy outlined above aligns the recipient parties objectives, with the investors’ need for return. The success of a specialised vehicle such as this rests with the establishment of a clear and manageable process to monitor the same, which is the expertise built up by the Management team over the decades of commercial experience.

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Fund Snapshot
Fund Think Tank Special Situations
Trustee Teltex Pty Ltd
Manager Boston Managed Investments Limited
Investor Type Wholesale/Sophisticated/Institutional
Status Closed to new applications
Inception 1/11/2015
Minimum Investment $200,000.00
Unit Value $1.00
Last month (March 2018) return after fees 13.7300% (annualised)
Benchmark BBSW30 (currently 1.83%) + 11.90% (1190 Basis Points) per annum
Coupon Payments Paid monthly in arrears
DRP Available? No
Fund Return Profile High
Income Return Risk Medium
Capital Risk Low